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About Us

From the time before he started law school until he started Erickson Tax Accounting & Legal Services, Paul Erickson worked for three different CPA firms as well as a number of law firms (some of which he owned and operated in corporate form or as a sole proprietorship).  It is through that experience that he learned how to set up a business, determine the best tax structure, the most useful software, what city, county and state licenses are required and how to get them; and manage or run them profitably while minimizing overhead and keeping key positions properly staffed whether the company had three employees or thousands of employees. 

His immediate family including his wife and children as well as his thirteen siblings (who along with him held the Guinness Book Record for the most natural born children of any family to all obtain college degrees) as well as members of his church provide him an incredible and unique source of information and balance of life which he is more than willing to share to benefit his clients.

Paul has helped companies save from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by applying his experience and knowledge.